Examination 10 BAM
Tooth extraction 30 BAM
Baby tooth extraction 10 BAM
Retroalv. RTG recordings 10 BAM
Single-surface composite filling 40 BAM
Two-surface composite filling 50 BAM
Multiple surface composite filling 60 BAM
Extirpation and preparation of single-channel systems 40 BAM
Extirpation and preparation of two-channel systems 50 BAM
Extirpation and preparation of multichannel systems 60 BAM
Treatment of gangrene of single-channel systems 10 BAM
Treatment of gangrene of two-channel systems 20 BAM
Treatment of gangrene of multichannel systems 30 BAM
Def. obturation of single-channel systems 10 BAM
Def. obturation of two-channel systems 20 BAM
Def. obturation of multichannel systems 30 BAM
Dental calculus removal 40 BAM
Tooth sanding 30 BAM
Removal of soft deposits with polishing 20 BAM
Complete acrylic denture 400 BAM
Complete denture with reinforcement 450 BAM
Partial acrylic denture 350 BAM
Skeletal partial denture 500 BAM
Complete denture on implants 500 BAM
Metal-ceramic crown 150 BAM
Metal-ceramic crown (Fuji) 200 BAM
Non-metal crown 400 BAM
Crown on implant 500 BAM
Crown on Straumann implant 600 BAM
Non-metal crown on implant 800 BAM
Flipper denture 100 BAM
Temporary crown 50 BAM
Cast post and core 80 BAM
FRC post upgrade 60 BAM
Denture repair 30 BAM
Repair of mobile orthodontic appliances 40 BAM
Mobile dental unit 300 BAM
Fixed orthodontic appliances metal braces 1200 BAM
Fixed orthodontic appliances aesthetic lock 1500 BAM
Self-ligating fixed orthodontic appliance 1600 BAM
Orthodontic lock 40 BAM
Retention foils 50 BAM
Rebonding 200 BAM
Anaesthesia 5 BAM
Toxavit 20 BAM
Indirect pulp capping 20 BAM
Difficult tooth extraction 50 BAM
Surgical tooth extraction 150 BAM
Implaction without liberalisation 150 BAM
Cystectomy 200 BAM
Liberalisation without lock 150 BAM
Liberalisation with lock 200 BAM
Apicoectomy 150 BAM
Apicoectomy with ortho. filling 170 BAM
Apicoectomy with retro. filling 170 BAM
Mortal amputation with filling 40 BAM
Fissure sealants 20 BAM
Ceramic crown (Fuji) 200 BAM
Orthopantomography 30 BAM
3D 8X8 120 BAM
3D 5X5 70 BAM
3D 8X5 90 BAM
Iodoform strip 10 BAM
Specialist examination 50 BAM
Bio bone 230 BAM
Titanium membrane 300 BAM
Implant MIS 1000 BAM
Implant Straumann 1100 BAM
Zirconia abutment 100 BAM
Ex implants 200 BAM
Sinus lift 1360 BAM
Sinus plastic 80 BAM
Splint 60 BAM
Laser thermocauterization 50 BAM
Laser treatment of periodontal pocket 70 BAM
Laser treatment of canker sores – herpes 70 BAM
Laser gingivectomy 100 BAM
Premolar resection 200 BAM
Molar resection 400 BAM
Alveolar ridge leveling 80 BAM
Teeth whitening with ZOOM lamp 500 BAM
Whitening gel 50 BAM
Teeth whitening with foil 150 BAM
Whitening of one tooth 40 BAM
Retreatment 20 BAM
Retreatment of single-channel systems 80 BAM
Retreatment of two-channel systems 105 BAM
Retreatment of multichannel systems 125 BAM
Vital extirpation of a single-channel tooth 85 BAM
Vital extirpation of a two-channel tooth 105 BAM
Vital extirpation of a three-channel tooth 125 BAM

Surgical controls, orthodontic controls, stages of prosthetic therapy (grinding, impressions, controls, etc.) and some stages of endodontic therapy are included in the regular price of the therapy and are not charged.

All other works as well as special prosthetic works upon agreement. Advance payment for prosthetic works is 50% of the price of the service. The prices of all interventions and services after working hours are increased by 50%.

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