Oral surgery is a very important branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

If the patient needs this type of surgical therapy, the patient undergoes a doctor’s preparation and detailed history with a questionnaire on the state of general health, possible information about the medicines he takes, conservative-periodontal remediation of teeth and soft tissues, and implementation of the intervention and control views.

Oral surgery includes routine tooth extraction, more complicated tooth extraction – by that we mean surgical extraction of unpowered and impacted teeth. We also solve the problem of removal of residual and broken tooth roots, extraction of cysts, soft and bone tissue surgery, therapy of periapical processes and granulomas.

With us you can get ridge leveling services, bone exostosis removal and hyperplastic gingiva.

All of the above mentioned interventions at the Dr Radojkovic Specialist Center are performed in a completely painless condition for the patient, so we appeal to anyone who has any problem and who requires oral surgery interventions not to run away from the dentist. The technology is much advanced and pain is not allowed.

We care about the health of your teeth.

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