Conservative is an area in dentistry that deals with the treatment of dental tissue whose damage is caused by the development of dental caries. The reasons for caries are many, with irregular oral hygiene and irregular dental visits.

This branch of dentistry enables the patient to repair all the damage absolutely painlessly, regardless of the patient’s age, and the Dr Radojkovic Specialist Center uses state-of-the-art materials and working techniques to do this.

When filling the teeth, we use materials, ie so-called fillings, that completely mimic the natural color of the tooth, so minor damage in the smile region can be corrected using aesthetic fillings and get the same effect as with a natural tooth.

We care for your teeth, so we heartily ask you to visit your dentist regularly and resolve dental problems in time from all branches of dentistry, especially the conservative. Please note, medicine is progressing day by day, and all the dental performances are absolutely painless.

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