Orthodontics is a dental area that addresses the problem of jaw and tooth irregularities, both in children and adults. There is no age limit for solving these problems, and in any case, it is best to contact our dental team and move on to solve the problem.

Any successful and proper orthodontic therapy consist primarily of diagnostics, on the basis of which therapy is planned. In addition to diagnosis and treatment planning, it is possible to predict the outcome and duration of that therapy fairly accurately.

Ideal tooth positioning and jaw ratio bring benefits to the patient such as a beautiful smile that enhances confidence, facilitates tooth hygiene and reduces the onset of caries and gum disease, reduces pressure on teeth, enhances speech and contributes to an overall better face appearance.

We offer mobile phones, functional appliances as well as fixed appliances (metal, aesthetic and self-aligning).

The mobile devices are intended for the youngest patients who still grow and develop their jaw. They can be for only one fork or both. Patients place and remove them from their mouths. When using mobile phones, cooperation with the youngest patients is very important, ie their desire to carry a mobile device would be ideal until 4pm daily. It is possible to resolve irregularities, but not too many, which still require the use of a fixed appliance.

Fixed device on the other hand cannot be removed daily, they are permanent from the moment the dentist puts them on. It is necessary to maintain enhanced oral hygiene because of their appearance, wash their teeth after each meal and buy auxiliary brushes that allow the appliance to be sufficiently washed. Regular dental supervision and monitoring of the dentist is mandatory, so it is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks. A fixed appliance can resolve severe irregular dental conditions.

We recommend that you check with the SP DR Radojkovic, free of charge, and make an appointment with the dentist in case of problems with tooth irregularity.

We care about your health.

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