Dentistry in the modern age cannot be imagined without aesthetic dentistry as it ian integral part of every field of dentistry.

It involves a set of various dental treatments to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth and gums. The most common requirements of patients are: teeth whitening – the so-called. home method and ambulance using a zoom lamp, metal-free crown and ceramic flakes as well as dental jewelry – zircon.

Modern aesthetic dentistry cannot be imagined without the use of metal-free ceramic crowns, covers, in the prosthetic rehabilitation of our patients’ teeth. Unlike classic metal-ceramic crowns that are made of metal alloy as the base ie. Non-metallic crowns do not contain “black” metal as a base, which contributes to the superior aesthetic effect these crowns have. Advantages of metal-free ceramics are: exceptional aesthetics characterized by the absolute naturalness of compensation in terms of color, light transmittance and shape, computer precision, facilitated cleaning of teeth and surrounding tissue, reduced irritation of the gums, avoiding the use of metal and eliminating the risk of the consequent appearance of the metal edge caused by pulling gums, reversibility and greater patient comfort.

In addition to crowns, it is possible to make metalless bridges and even metalless crowns on implants.

Flakes, ceramic veneers, veneers (Veneers) are highly aesthetic additions that most resemble optical lenses. They have small and moderate adjustments for position, size, shape and color for the task. Flakes stand out as prosthetic solutions that require the minimum grinding of teeth for preparation during fabrication. In this way, the tooth is maximally preserved and its life is extended.

Flakes are suitable for patients who are extremely motivated, with excellent hygiene and who expect perfection from their smile. They are characterized by an extremely natural character of color, shape and precise relation to the patient’s gums. Depending on the method of production and materials, there are several types: ceramic, composite, laboratory, direct.

After the examination, the possibility of preparation is determined in accordance with the patient’s wishes and the time available. The quality and limitations of flakes are presented to the patient. Before making the ceramic flakes, the patient is introduced to the possible appearance which, depending on the situation, is presented / modeled directly in the mouth or on a model made on the basis of a print. With the consent of the patient, he or she begins to work out.

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