Tooth loss is an aesthetic, functional and social problem for an individual. Dr Radojkovic Specialist Center resolves conditions in partially and completely edentulous patients. Dr Radojkovic, based on many years of experience, following the latest trends and in cooperation with leading dental laboratories, guarantees the highest quality of crowns, bridges and mobile dentures.

The lack of one or a group of teeth is successfully compensated for by crowns or bridges made of metal-ceramic or metal-free covers that satisfy the high aesthetic requirements and the functional component of a natural tooth.
Where we are forced to make movable dentures, we stabilize them with telescopes, various drills and quality acrylic teeth whose shape and transparency are natural.

We also do not forget patients who have lost all their teeth for one reason or another by offering them high-quality, lightweight dentures whose dental arches almost completely mimic the color and shape of earlier teeth.

Traditional implants are reconstructions on implants or those performed after orthodontic treatment.

We successfully repair the loss of one tooth, as well as the serrations and toothless conditions using total dentures, partial plate dentures, partial skeletal dentures. We use ceramic crowns and bridges, metalless crowns, as well as ceramic flakes.

We perform fixed and mobile prosthetic work on implants

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