Periodontology is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the health of the supporting structures of the teeth, ie periodontics. It is the most widespread disease of modern times.

Over time, plaque builds up on the teeth, the so-called plaque, which causes inflammation that can reach the root of the tooth and can also affect the surrounding bones. If left untreated, gingival withdrawal occurs, the teeth become wobbly and can be completely bulging.

These inflammations of the teeth are not only manifested aesthetically dental, but inflammation affects the whole human body, contributes to the development of heart and bloodstream diseases as well as kidney diseases.

At the Doctor Radojkovic Specialist Center, we remove soft and firm dental plaque, calc, as well as laser treatment of periodontal pockets.

At the first examination, we determine the patient’s condition, how advanced is the periodontal disease, give advice on cleaning the tooth, clean the calc, and agree on laser therapy that destroys the bacteria in the periodontal pocket and eliminates toxins responsible for the clinical picture of dental disease.

Depending on the clinical picture of the patient, ie on the progress of the periodontal disease, the number of visits and the number of laser treatments depend, after which the next steps towards tooth healing are agreed.

After completion of therapy, it is necessary to come to the agreed check-ups so that the disease does not develop again.

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