Children are very important patients. We always welcome them with joy and preciousness. We do this for one reason – we want to develop the habit of going to the dentist for children, we want to overcome the fear of the youngest and to teach them early on that oral hygiene is a very important factor in a person’s health.

In our offices, we first introduce the children, get closer to them, leave them enough space and opportunity to socialize and then inspect their teeth and approach dental problems, if any.

We implement all preventative measures in order to prevent caries, give advice on education on healthy nutrition. We provide education and demonstration on proper dental brushing techniques for both children and parents.

In case of need for repair of milk teeth – we do it painlessly. We also remove the baby teeth and advise our parents to bring the children to us on this occasion as they develop the habit of going to the dentist as well as monitoring the teeth in children.

We do fluoridation of teeth and watering of fissures, which increases the resistance of teeth to caries.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina


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