Dental radiology is a part of radiology that deals with the diagnosis, treatment planning and follow-up of the cured teeth in a patient.

In its new offices at the new address at 45 Beogradska Street, Prnjavor, the Doctor Radojkovic Specialist Center also has superior diagnostics, among others in 3D and RVG X-rays.

With each treatment, we first do a dental radiology to have an accurate view of the condition of the teeth and to know what is inside the gums. There is no need to wait for the results, as they will be completed immediately.

These recordings serve the dentist to gain insight into the condition of dental caries, to examine the complete root of a tooth, to determine whether or not there is a root, to assess the health of surrounding bone tissue, to locate inflammatory processes and to examine teeth that are just growing or to evaluate their condition. suspect whether or not the teeth have grown.

Patients are usually afraid of radiology thinking that it is very radiant, but this is not true in this case and there is no reason to fear.

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