A dental implant is an artificial root that is implanted into the bone and serves to carry the tooth. It is most commonly made of titanium and is used in dentistry to make up for lost teeth and more. These implants blend with bone and dentists serve to support many dental replacements such as crowns, bridges on these implants, or dentures.

Often, patients accept implants as a solution to treat toothless conditions, since they provide the same chewing strength as natural teeth and therefore allow the teeth to feel natural. They are durable, addressing the discomfort that they carry with their dentures and solving the problem of bad breath.

Because it is inserted directly into the cavity where the tooth is missing, the implants do not damage the surrounding teeth. If the patient uses a total denture, it can be completely fixed to the implants to prevent it from moving and falling out.

Patients are usually afraid of pain when implant placement. As with interventions from other branches of dental surgery, with the advancement of dental medicine, interventions in implant placement are completely painless, and the patient, with the instructions given and following them, can normally perform his or her daily activities.

With regular oral hygiene, they are a lifelong solution.

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